Money When You Need It

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Benefits of Funding

Immediate Access to Cash

We advance on your receivables and provide you with immediate cash, wired directly into your bank account. Instead of your cash being tied up in receivables, it is now on hand to cover payroll and tax obligations, support new business, and manage cash flow irregularities due to seasonal contracts.

Increased Sales

Utilizing Payroll Funding offers a creative way to extend special pricing or credit terms to new clients who may otherwise be unable to use your company’s services because of your cash flow concerns. You shouldn’t have to turn away business because of payment terms. Instead, grow your business by financing your accounts through Payroll Funding!

No Liability on Balance Sheet

Payroll Funding is not a loan; no debt is incurred and there is no monthly payment. This enhances financial ratios used to determine credit worthiness in obtaining other financing.

Protection of Your Equity

Payroll Funding helps you maintain control of your company. It does not require a transfer or dilution of ownership to a private investor or venture capitalist.

Enhanced Credit Rating

The increased cash flow from Payroll Funding provides liquidity to pay your vendors, creditors, and suppliers in a timely manner, and to stay current with payroll tax payments. This enhances your credit rating. BlueSky Capital’s credit checking services will also help you eliminate bad debt brought on by unreliable clients.

No Hassle to Obtain

Payroll Funding is easier to obtain than a traditional Bank Line of Credit and is less restrictive with terms and guarantees. While we do consider your financial standing, we do not depend solely on your credit rating or bankruptcy history. Most of our decision is based on the credit worthiness of your clients, since they are our primary means of repayment.

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