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When you work with BlueSky, it’s always a success.

BlueSky has helped thousands of services, all with unique stories and successes. Here you can read stories on how we have helped clients overcome their financial challenges and share your own story with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Payrolls paid on time…

A staffing company owner in business for almost twenty years, with revenues of $15 million secured a $1 million line of credit from a large national bank. December 2003 she received a light industrial job order for over 270 temps from a Fortune 500 employer; this would be a 5-month assignment. The customer dictated that the temp service invoice them monthly! So the confident temp company owner called her friendly banker and requested a line of credit increase to handle this new business. The bank took weeks to make its decision. When it finally did, it lowered her line to $850K; they told her to take a mortgage out on her home and assign the cash value of her insurance policies. Instead, she called BlueSky and found a quick approval for funding the very next day.

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